Reminiscing About Nations {a recap}

Reminiscing on the nations.

This past October I went to Haiti with a group of friends on a week long mission trip. It was remarkable and life-changing. My heart is full. I’ve tried multiple times to write about my experience in Haiti. Many times. Putting pen to paper. Transcribing my heart. It’s super easy. Not.

Before Thanksgiving I had finally written about half a post worth of my Haitian experience. All of a sudden, one day when I decided to write the second half, the notes app on my iPhone decided to voluntarily clear out all of my notes. That included my very very long note full of Haiti goodness. As you can guess, that’s really encouraging.. After being a bit bummed out by that I decided to enjoy the holidays with my family and write again another day.

My long over-due post about my trip to Haiti is on its way! I promise. Until then I thought I would write a little post about my first missions experience back in 2010. I’m reminiscing on the nations. Technically one nation in particular – the Dominican Republic. I miss it. I especially miss my adorable Ahjiado (godson) Danni. 

Here are a few older posts from “back in the day”. Also known as 2010. If you like missions you’ll enjoy these post below. I like to keep it real. So there full of good stories!

What nations have you been to? Mission trip or not. Tell me in a comment! I’d love to hear.

Reminiscent Posts

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3 thoughts on “Reminiscing About Nations {a recap}

    • That’s wonderful! Where in Haiti did you serve?

      Yes, it is. It’s very interesting. I have lots of thoughts on that matter – lots of things God showed me about that nation. Its a tough nation but i loved serving there greatly and felt overwhelmed by the love we received while being there. God is definitely moving in their midst. It was beautiful.

      • I went with Mission of Hope and did a lot of concrete work. I also got to move a community of deaf Haitians from a Red Cross camp in City Sole into permanent housing outside of Port Au Prince. That was my favorite part. They were a great group to serve.

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