Blueberry Picking & Coffee Cake Making {Recipe}

Blueberry Picking & Coffee Cake Making

Nothing quite like fresh picked blueberries in the summer time. Living in California guarantees you many beautiful encounters with fresh fruit, especially during the summer. It’s glorious. There are fruit stands on every corner, farmers markets once a week, and “u-pick” farms in just about every town. A friend and I went blueberry picking last week and I am sure glad we did because this Blueberry Coffee Cake just came out of the oven. I searched Pinterest over and over again for recipes and ideas on what to do with my freshly picked berries. I was having trouble deciding  and choosing between all the great recipes I found. I decided to wing it. Almost always, my last-minute “wing it” style recipes tend to be some of my best. They’re simple and to the point. And they taste amazing if I do say so my self.

I strongly advise finding a U-pick Blueberry farm near you this week, if you can, before they’re season is up. It’s worth it. Then you can bake one of these!


Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

One Yellow Cake Mix

Prepared as usual and poured into a greased 9×13 baking dish.

One cup of Fresh Blueberries

Scattered ans sprinkled on top of the cake batter.

One 1/2 stick of softened Butter

One cup of Brown Sugar

1/4 cup of Flour

Combine this crumb topping and crumbled over the top of the blueberries and cake batter.

Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.


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