What Makes You a Leader


I’ve always loved the topic of leadership. I’m a huge sucker for leadership podcasts, books, blogs, messages, and even people who can’t help but talk about the subject. I love it all. A few months back I had been watching and listening to every message I could find on Christian based leadership. Listening to different people define their  views on what Christian leadership should look like, and  how we are all called to walk in such a way that would create more leaders, was a bit overwhelming..in a good way. After consuming all these messages and sermons I was overwhelmed at the vast variety and amount of wisdom we have been given in this area. God is constantly speaking and in this hour He is especially whispering to His children about the area of healthy passionate leaders who live a life that raises up more leaders.  Those who are attentive and are listening for His voice will hear what He’s saying and will be the ones who shape nations. I was up rather late one night talking to God, I asked Him what He thought about this. I asked Him to sum up for me what makes a leader..in His eyes. “What are You looking for in leaders? What in our lives gives us the right to be called and considered leaders of our generations? What are the most important and most basic qualifications?”

We are all called to lead someone. Whether you recognize it or not, whether you’re intentional about it or not, whether you want to or not, you are leading someone. In the right way or the wrong way, we all are leading someone somewhere. We were created to lead. It’s our God-given DNA to be amazing leaders. Anywhere from leading a multimillion dollar company to leading a thriving church or even leading a small group with 10 people who are bearing fruit and are on fire for God..You are a leader. The quicker you recognize this call to leadership and embrace it the sooner the journey of impacting others will begin and expand. I instantly felt God speak to my heart in response to my questions about leadership from His perspective. I grabbed a notebook and a pen and began to write down each important, yet basic, quality that He is  looking for in leaders today. Below you will find these qualities followed up with verses that support and encourage each one.

You are called to be a successful leader who raises up more leaders. You will change nations. These qualities God highlighted to me have set the stage for my life. I’m constantly looking around me to find people who walk out the qualities..because those who do, they are the ones who will make a difference in this world. Attached to these principles, for a lifestyle of leadership, are sacrifices to be made. You will not only have to count the cost but you’ll have a huge price to pay as well. With that being said, I can guarantee you that the price you pay is nothing in comparison to what God gives in return. The sacrifice it self pales in comparison to the fire God releases on you and your life. As you give yourself fully to Jesus, you are and will be a fantastic leader.

True Leaders:

Are made famous by the thoughts of God.
Have grown in the womb of willingness.
Are formed in the team of community.
Have made it to the “Hall of Fame” in the secret place.
Are strengthened in the chair of feedback.
Have established a track record for obeying His voice.
 & Are born on the stage of servanthood.

Psalms 139:17 NKJV
 Isaiah 1:19 NKJV
Philippians 2:1-4 MSG
 Matthew 6:6 NKJV
Proverbs 5:12-14 MSG
 Proverbs 13:10 NKJV
Proverbs 15 MSG
 Hebrews 11:8 NKJV
 Galatians 5:13 NKJV
1 Corinthians 9:19 MSG
John 12:26 MSG
Mark 10:45 MSG

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