Raspberry Dump Cake.

Raspberry Dump Cake

What You Will Need:

3-4 cups Frozen Raspberries

{I had frozen some fresh raspberries during the summer and used those.}

1 Vanilla Cake Mix

1/2 cup of Butter (1 Stick)

If using “fresh” frozen raspberries, like i did… Add a 1/2 cup of White Sugar.

This Recipe fills a 9×13 or a very thick 8×8.

Preheat Oven for 350°

Step One: Thaw your raspberries completely, then pour/spread across the botton of your pan. (Optional: Add 1/2 cup of Sugar.)

Step Two: Sprinkle the dry Vanilla Cake Mix over the top of your raspberry filling. Make sure to cover it completely. 

Step Three: Melt your stick of butter in the microwaves, about 30 seconds. Pour over the cake mix, covering as much as possible. 

Step Four: Bake for 30-45 minutes. Or until the top is golden brown. 

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5 thoughts on “Raspberry Dump Cake.

  1. I definitely love to eat dump cakes because it is sweet and painless to make. My ma used to produce dump cakes for myself and my sibling. All an individual will need are some ingredients which can be instantly purchased at the grocery store.

  2. I used a can of raspberry pie filling with a white cake mix. Plated it with cool whip a fruit garnish and a tiny swirl of chocolate syrup. Elegant and yummy.

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